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Shadow Work-

5 days journey to abandoned part of our self . 

Your shadow self contains some of the answers to your inquiry of 'why I did what I did?'. The shadow self is the part of our psyche that is rejected, unexplored, or abandoned. Simply explained, shadows are the lack of light. It is the location where the light of our awareness has not 'yet' arrived.

Every aspect of ourselves requires, if not expression, at least recognition. When these components are ignored for an extended period of time, they begin to appear in our lives as unexplainable behaviour, harmful patterns, or abrupt bursts of emotion.

A woman's tendency of attracting emotionally unavailable males could be due to her ignorance of her various shadow parts, such as self-hatred, disowning her feelings, and self-neglect. When their parts are seen, held, and cherished, one might break the cycle and begin to attract emotionally available males.



What is shadow work?

Our shadows are the aspects of ourselves that we have rejected, repressed, and buried deep within our unconscious mind. Shadow work is the practice of bringing unconscious shadows into conscious awareness in order to heal them.

So, where does our shadow come from?

Shadows arise when our brain classifies an encounter as traumatic. "Anytime the brain feels [something is] too traumatic to hold onto, it represses it into the unconscious," "It's sort of like hiding something that might be too scary to deal with."

And because we are all people who have been traumatised to some extent, we all carry shadows. A traumatic experience can range from something as minor and seemingly insignificant as a freind telling you that she cant play with you, making you feel inadequate, or witnessing your parents fight and believing it was your fault, to major trauma such as domestic violence or serious illness.



















Even if we forget the horrific experience, it remains inscribed in our unconscious minds and continues to influence our lives, unbeknownst to us. As we progress through life, many events might elicit emotions, physical reactions, and thoughts linked with the trauma, resulting in patterns that make the world feel unsafe. This, in turn, can influence our decisions and how we conduct our lives.

For example, a shadow based on fear of change can keep you stuck in a 9-to-5 job you don't enjoy rather than pursuing something new.It alters how you perceive the next steps of shadows. It alters your actions because if you are fearful of events, you will avoid those that are potentially dangerous. In other words, shadows prevent us from doing the things we want to accomplish, and shadow work helps us develop the confidence and sense of safety in our minds and bodies to do those things.

There is no inner work without shadow work.

It is possible to continue practicing manifestation techniques and raising one's vibration to that of their higher self. If you have not taken a close look at your shadow self, then none of the self-development work is complete. Anything you resist will persist until it is acknowledged and accepted.

How we do shadow work in my container.

Guided Shamanic Journeys

Through guided meditation techniques , i will take you to the dark corners of your psyche which has been long ignored and rejected. 

Deep Look into Triggers

Triggers are the best way to know your shadows. Anything you are dejecting in other, you reject in you. 

Revisiting childhood and adolescence

Major part of our identities are developed in our early childhood. With gentle support and hypnotherapy tools , we will regress to our childhood to see what needs our loving attentoion. 

I Tried a Virtual Healing Session and My 3-Word Diagnosis Was Spot On.jpeg


We start on 20th July.

20th, 21st, 24th, 27th, 28th July.


Zoom Calls

Energy Exchange : 7000/-

(only 12 slots available)

Entry through Application

 Shadow work is intensive and requires some expertise. I prefer working with intimate groups to give sufficient attention to each participant. I have made the participation via entry form. Please fill out the form with your intuition and wait for us to respond within 2-3 days.

Thanks for submitting!

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