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Can you allow more of pleasure, ease and  joy in your reality?


I am a shaman, a healer, an initiator , guide,  who helps women connect back to their authentic raw self! I am a permission slip to you for stepping up in life. 


When I went in the depths of my heart I saw it was armoured by a protective shield which stopped me to feel the softness of my tender heart. I then learnt the ways to melt this armour and let the soft vulnerable heart to glow brighter. I did that through discipline by connecting to my inner man and following the feminine desire. AND i kept surrendering.


I kept devoting my self to the deep desires of my heart and thats when I saw my purpose clearly. I saw my biggest excitement lies in showing women how I did it . So that they don't have to hide their light! 


Connect with me

I am very easy to connect to. 

You can ask your questions or enquire about the sessions or simply send me a virtual hug.

Thank you !

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