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How does a one on one session look like with me!!!

White Branch

We meet on Zoom and I will share the meeting invitation 5-10 minutes in advance of before your scheduled time.

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During the session I would like to know everything that ‘you would like’ to share.

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It will mostly be a two-way conversation.

I might ask you a few questions to dive deeper into your presence, wherever I feel we have a scope, or to steer to a probable cause of your emotional stress / trauma . feeling.


It won’t be just a talk therapy. I would use various tools to help you integrate the hurt from your past traumas. And while actively listening to you, I also intend reading your subtle energies to interpret certain  blockages in your system. I have an expertise in tracing back to the source of current blockage/s by guiding you via compassionate inquiries. 

The ‘field’ that we create in the container is totally non-judgmental and absolutely safe. I hope it helps you to open more and ‘cruise’ to places inside you, which you might be scared to go. 


Please understand that a lot of suppressed emotions might appear up just before or after our session. If such is the case, ‘congratulate yourself’. Those shall show-up themselves because they want to get integrated in your body and that your body feels that YOU are ready now.


If you are ready, we start the work in the first interaction itself. 

Buddhist Cymbals
White Silk

Things to know to prepare yourself for the session:-

  • Sit for 15 minutes before the session in order to tune-in into your body.                                                                                                         

  • It's perfectly natural for all emotions to appear out which might be dormant. Allow them. Trust, it’s all good & will assist in the process.


  • Sometimes the stuck energy releases itself through various forms such as coughing, yawning, peeing, burping, humming, shaking. Trust your body and allow it to process it all.


  • Do not think you are over-sharing or over-talking unnecessarily. The energy field we create together is going to superbly heal you, thus let it all come out.


  • If a particular process we are conducting is not working for you, be prompt to express & share. But at the same time be aware of your resistance to speaking or knowing.


  • Breathe abundantly. Breathing is essential. Intake deep breathe & exhale fully, calmly.


I will be fully available for any   support throughout the period (in your session week).


I am very approachable via a phone-call once or twice, if you need any form of extra support. Just feel 100% comfortable to share your developments.

Rest assured, everything we exchange during our sessions, always stays between us, with utmost confidentiality.


I usually recommend anywhere from 3 to 8 sessions for a transformation on a particular matter – hurt, pain, agony, trauma or anything else.


  • In case of a no-show, I will be comfortable to re-schedule for a maximum of 2 times. Post which, you may have to make a new booking.


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Book a Personal 1:1 Session

Energy Exchange : 5000INR

Long term coaching is also available. Please see "my 1:1 coaching" to know more.  

Hear it from others!!


My sessions with Amana were profound. She deeply felt into my energies, sensing what is going on inside of me. Therefore she is a clear mirror showing what we need to see for ourselves in that moment. Simply being with her one on one, is a continuous invitation to open up to the trught of what you are and cut through the bs of which we think we are. Thank you Amana for sharing your light with me. -Simon

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