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Treated Silk

Khushi-The workshop.

For Women above 45 in Hindi

If you are reading this ,I am assuming that you one of my generation  and have come here to offer your mother to this workshop. 

Just like you, I was also sceptical of healing modalities for my mother. But to my surprise she was more open than I thought. It was easy for me to take her to trance state to help her identify the painful memories that have created her lack point of views and creating her current reality .

She slipped into one of the memories of her youth and just with few tears and processing , she fully let that go and I was able to create a better point of view with her. 


I hosted first Chapter of this workshop called "Saahas" on Mother's day

It was attended by 15 gorgeous women and I was in awe of seeing courage and their dedication They were open and ready to take leap to the unknownn. They laughed, sang, cried, jumped, danced. I felt blessed to be able to offer my work to these women along with my  mother, who  was also a participant.


Schedule of the event.

10 Am: welcome

10am: introduction and trusting practice

11 am : Tea and Snacks.

12 noon: Embodiment Practices

1 Pm: Lunch.

2 Pm: Photo Session.

2:15: Sharing 

3 Pm : Practices.

4 Pm : Evening Tea and Snacks.

5 Pm : Sitting in open and Meditation in the Nature.


You can choose to accompany your mother until you handover her to me. You can educate her about the work and how it can help her to relax her mind , body and soul.

 This Season , gift your mother a day for her inner nourishment.

Image by Cat Han

Date: 11th May
Timing: 10am-5pm
Venue: Zorba
The Budhha , MG  Road.
Energy Exchange :4999

Pictures from last event

My heart was filled was blessed to be able to offer the work to the mothers,

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