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Weekly Experience to unwind and flow.

What is inside the Incubator?

Imagine coming out of a Zoom call feeling rejuvenating , calm and ready to kick for the week. At the same time feeling supported grooving through the week with Whatsapp community with other sisters!

The Incubator is a virtual home for a group of inspiring women. We meet once a week in a safe and intimate environment, where we play with guided embodiment practices. These practices are designed to help us connect with our inner selves and maintain that connection. Each call lasts between 1 to 2 hours, giving us beautiful time to share, connect, and practice together.

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The container is carefully curated to ensure that the group remains closely-knit. This closeness creates a sense of trust and safety within the community. As a result, we are able to open up and share our thoughts and experiences without fear of judgment. This vulnerability allows us to grow and learn from one another, creating a powerful and supportive network of women.

How it works!

We meet every week to play with a yummy embodiment practice or/and get on a shamanic journey!

These weekly sessions serve as a way for us to release any stress or tension that has built up within our bodies. 


 It's like going to a spa date for the mind and spirit, a moment to drop that dense energies which are stopping us to flow and grove.

Each practice can be picked up to be taken as a personal practice during our sadhnas

The energy of the room guides us which practice will be followed that week. I do a collective check-in of the energy and let a practice speak to be to be picked and followed. Its a co-creation baby!

Delicate Fabric

Hosted by
Amana Kaur

These practices are close to my heart cos I swear by them. I found them when I had no one to hold me and had no where to go! My personal journey of self exploration has been a challenging one, filled with moments of both physical and emotional pain.

All the practices I will share are some i learnt on the way or developed through inner guidance. I live these practices and that is why I can guide you smoothly into them.

Every Week we gather to soak in elixir of self care


Some of the practices we play with

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image3 (2).jpeg
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The practices have healing potency!

These practices have a profound impact on both the body and mind, helping to calm and soothe them. But they also have the power to bring up deep rooted pain that has been buried within, allowing it to be seen and acknowledged.


One of the most powerful aspects of these practices is their ability to facilitate trauma release. By tapping into the mind-body connection, These exercises help individuals to release stored trauma from their bodies.


This can be a difficult and emotional process, but I  also provides guidance on how to process and work through these surfaced up emotions. This container is a safe space for individuals to explore and heal their emotional pain, with support of community.


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We dont do recording Honey! Your presence is 

These calls are very personal and intimate in nature! We dont record for later viewing! 

We value active participation and require all members to attend live calls. This not only allows for a deeper connection with one another, but also ensures that each member gets the most out of their Incubator experience.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this only for women?

Yes, this program is exclusively for individuals who identify as biological women.

How do I pay?

This subscription operates on a monthly basis, requiring payment each month. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time.

Is there any refund?

Refunds or transfers are not permitted for this plan. Once payment is made for the month, access is granted for the entire duration of that month. Should you decide to discontinue participation midway through the month, refunds will not be issued.


How do I pay?

The energy exchange for each month is INR 4000.  Or there are UPI options through website that can be paid manually every month. (Currently only Manual monthly payment available) 

What is Time and Duration of the calls?

We meet at 9 pm on Thursdays of every week.

The calls will last from 1.5 -2 hours. Some days you can also leave after the practices and skip the sharing and QnA. If the time is not suitable , you can be put in some alternative day. Pls mention which time is prefrable to you on the time of regsitation. 

How is it different from your personal coaching?

One-on-one coaching is tailored to offer dedicated attention to a single individual. It's a personalized three-month program crafted to address the individual's energy and obstacles. On the other hand, an incubator harnesses the collective energy of a group. During personal coaching sessions, my focus and energy exchange for one to two hours revolve entirely around the individual, as I invest in maintaining their energy field. Conversely, in an Incubator setting, I'm responsible for nurturing and managing the group's collective energy.

What if any one misses any call  ?

Recordings of calls are not accessible in case of absence, nor can missed calls be deferred to subsequent months.


April is Fully Booked

Registrations open for JuneStarting from 6th of June

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