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Hi I am Amana!

I have always been a

heart follower!

Although its my energy

you are attracted to

but I will share

some of my life story!

I was born in a very religious and conservative Sikh family in India.

I was a child full of love and adventure. Just like all other children.


Since childhood I had a strong disliking towards injustice against women.


I remember asking my mother about why did she marry my father when she knew he drinks a lot and is aggressive.


my father did his best to raise us into happy and healthy children  , I grew up fearing him and later developed fear around all men. 


Eventually this fear turned into rebelliousness and I wore a fake persona of strong, carefree and courageous girl. 


I broke almost all the rules that were laid one me. 

I cut my hair which wasn’t allowed in my religion.

I travelled alone throughout the country. 

I explored myself sexually and got really curious about womens pleasure and its result on our mind and body .

I left the house to live on my own with my boyfriend (which is not a norm in India). 

During the lockdown, I came to a point when I was homeless, jobless with no money ! My family turned their back and I had almost no one to go to! Thats when I was made to kneel down and surrender my ego and see the power within me! The power that we all carry at all given point!

I surrendered to the fear. I allowed it fully. And something very strange happened. 

All my fear disappeared into love. I was shown how all those I thought were against me were actually helping me (metaphysically)  to breakthrough . I saw how my father (after his death)  was my soul mate and I chose him as my father in this lifetime only to work through the lifetimes of masculine wound. My love and gratitude for him increased and it made me more humble in life. 

Once I cleared this deep conditioning of fear and insecurities. I started channeling simple yet very powerful stuff. 


I was shown a vision to help people specially women like me who are struggling with fear, insecurities and low self worth and hiding it behind strong personalities. 

I then finally followed my heart's calling of guiding and helping people see their innate power!

I have worked as a renowned wedding photographer in India for almost 8 years but at some point it stopped exciting me.

Though I was already training myself to become a certified therapist but always kept that in the background!

After giving some sessions I was in awe of this gift! People were gaining tremendous results from the work! That's when I realised its big! and I started devoting my life fully into it! 

I have been practicing various modalities which includes, Shamanic Breath-Work, Embodied Dance,
Somatic Movement , Personified Self Touch since a few years.

Beyond these learnings, I have refined my self with beautiful gifts in intuitive healing and psychic abilities through connecting with my guides from other realms. I am a keeper of ancient wisdom and work towards initiating women in their emotional and sexual awakening. 

I am a certified Past Life Regression And Inner Child Healing Therapist. 

I am also a diploma holder(level 1) in Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute, USA. 



To develop myself I underwent following courses:  

8th Chakra Activation-Ascended Entrepreneur Mastery Incubator By Hemma Haridin

Holy fire in Deep Feminine Mystery School by Maya Luna

The Man within-Inner Masculine Initiation By Clara Gomez

MAKE MONEY ~ feel like love by Beata Maz

Shaman Sales Mastery By Dane Thomas

 Activated Leadership Training By Nazarah Merah

Underwent 5 weeks training with Wildgrace

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