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Blossom and open as a flower. A flower blooms in full radiance and knows its full worth.
A 6-hours journey with gorgeous women.
Invite freshness in your life, embrace yourself fully as you shed the layers which are not serving you anymore and welcome yourself to the new you.

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Imagine what would
it be like.

  • To get a clarity on your thoughts and get an idea on root cause of your challenging areas in your life. 

  • Getting an understanding of victim triangle- Victim, Perpetrator, Saviour.

  • Learning the movements  to balance the chakras. 

  • Beings friends with difficult and challenging emotions. 

  • Learning the ways to do self catharsis for anger, grief, rage and heart break. 

  • To feel the calmness and ease of the body and to have a clutter free mind. 

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How it works

  • We will use therapeutic catharsis, breath-work, conscious body movement to release the tension, stress and repressed trauma from the body.

  • These exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.

  • When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. 

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Making a better connection with Ease


Understanding Pleasure for healing .

Inviting  more Slowness  for more ease in life.           

Who is it for:


  • You are done struggling with your racing thoughts and looking for a solace.

  • Tired of playing the good girl and learn to create boundaries.

  • Learn the ways to sooth anxiety and stress.

  • Wants a safe space and create sisterhood.

  • Experience the embodiment practices and women’s work.

  • Moving through a heart break and wants to connect back to the tenderness of your heart.

Who is it not for :


  • If you are not ready to take  responsibility of your life .

  • If you are not ready to change and blame your parents forever.

  • Looking for a circle of feminist to bash the patriarchy .

  • Not able to hold yourself emotionally and is emotionally very unstable. 


Client Love

Seed Paper

Every woman should attend this workshop at least once in a life time.

It was a very happy roller coaster. I remember I walked into the workshop with a very off energy and after the end of it I feel very happy. I feel blessed out, accepted and very loved. And the love that I gave and received in sisterhood community like never before. I felt power in each one of my sister and I know it's a reflection of my own power. I loved the archetype activity in which we met our inner child, wild woman, inner child, sensual woman, and goddess. The goddess was the most powerful , she came and blessed me . It made me step into another dimension.


The name of the workshop is KHUSHi and it does justice to its name. We all felt happy by the end of it, we made a journey through so many emotions to reach the internal joy. . It will majorly shift something inside. Amana held a very non judgmental space for me. Even to the things I was self judging. She knows when to give tough love and where to show tenderness. 


Flower Selection

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Date: 28th April

Time : 10am-5pm
Venue: Zorba The Budhha



Date: To be announced soon


  • What is the fee structure of the Workshop?
    Delhi Chapter is 4999
  • I am an introvert, Is it necessary for me to share ?
    No. You can be a participant of the workshop and not share anything at all. You can simply do the practices and chose to not share about your experience. However , we have noticed that those who wants to speak less are the one end up speaking the most. Its the magic if the safe spaces.
  • I have a child ,can I bring them along?
    No. The space is for above 18+
  • I have already attended your workshop, will it be beneficial for me to join again?
    Absolutely. Every workshop has different energy . No two workshops are similar in terms of practices and exercises. And the more you join , the more easier it becomes for you to open and get a hang on embodiment. A lot of our participants have attended all our the workshops and they experience something new and unique every single time.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We have - 'no refund" Policy. Once the payment is made , there are no transfers or refunds.
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