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About Us

I have been practicing various modalities which includes, Shamanic Breath-Work, Embodied Dance,
Somatic Movement , Personified Self Touch since a few years.

Beyond these learnings, I have refined my self with beautiful gifts in intuitive healing and psychic abilities through connecting with my guides from other realms. I am a keeper of ancient wisdom and work towards initiating women in their emotional and sexual awakening. 

I am a certified Past Life Regression And Inner Child Healing Therapist. 

I am also a Level 1 diploma holder in Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute, USA. 



To develop myself I underwent following courses:  

8th Chakra Activation-Ascended Entrepreneur Mastery Incubator By Hemma Haridin

Holy fire in Deep Feminine Mystery School by Maya Luna

The Man within-Inner Masculine Initiation By Clara Gomez

MAKE MONEY ~ feel like love by Beata Maz

Shaman Sales Mastery By Dane Thomas

 Activated Leadership Training By Nazarah Merah

Underwent 5 weeks training with Wildgrace

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