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5 Days of Womb Healing 

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Date : 20th-25th April
Time : 9 pm
Duration: 1-2 hours


Womb is located in  the second chakra, an energy centre related to pleasure, creativity, joy, and passion. It can also be a place where we store our trauma. The womb is the centre of both death and life.

Many of us don't even think about the existence of the womb until something happens there or doesn't happen. like some cramps, or missed period, a miscarriage, some ailment, heavy bleeding.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Womb is the place in your body which is empty, it has space. And from this space has potential of creativity. 


When a room in empty in our house, we sometimes fill it up with junk. We unknowingly do the same with our womb. We fill it up with unprocessed emotions and traumas. 


When this space is clanked up, it restricts creativity and flow in life . We become more rigid and stiff.


Energetically, our wombs can also help us shed the toxins of our lives once a month (or however frequently we menstruate). Many a time after some painful experience in my life, I have waited for the blood to come to help release the experience from my body. Our wombs gather our experiences over the course of a cycle and then go through a sacred process of releasing those experiences, of letting go.

For many women, the womb is also the seed of our femininity—our sensuality, our sexuality, our feelings about ourselves as women—or however we experience our femininity. Part of us may want to reject our own femininity—it is not a quality that we see as powerful in our culture, and some of us turn from it in order to be seen and heard better, for example. For the many women who have experienced sexual trauma, there may be a sense of our femininity having betrayed us, having made us more vulnerable to violence


Connecting with your womb brings your awareness to a lot these hidden emotions and traumas. And awareness is first fifty steps taken towards healing.


In this call, we will connect to our womb and clean it energetically to create more feminine energy in our body. 


This can help you in increased creative energy, clearing of unresolved traumas, decrease in period cramps, regulation in mensural cycle. 


5 Days of womb healing

We meet every day for 5 days .

Each day is a a new practice.

There are recordings available in case you miss any session  live.

Each practice is potent enoug to help you resolve stagnant energies in the womb.

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When: 20th -25th April ,9 PM
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