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Invoking the Goddess Within.

8 weeks journey to bring alive the tender woman in you who is turned on by life !  She knows how to live from her yes and no. 


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For the woman who no longer wants to fit in

and DOES NOT play small any more.

The one who knows her divinity and her erotism are not two different things. The one who is done hiding behind the “holier than thou” and done playing humility drama!

Who wants to go big , sassy , nasty and naked!!!

If this is you, carry on to read further…

The purpose of this human experience is to attain enlightenment, nirvana and become one with the universe, the divine. Our body is a channel that can help us do that. We are all born with this magical ability to alchemize any pain, trauma or hurt into love and light. 


The feminine has 3 positive, most active chakras: the sacral centre, heart and 3rd eye which is associated with sensuality, love and intuition. The throat, solar plexus and root chakras are masculine in nature and are about spirit, transcendence, discipline and protection. 


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The body that you have been given is not just instrument to  just survival but a literal portal to connect you back to the divine.It has the power to lit the entire city with its gigantic current and massive energetic size.


The softness of your body can melt any hard armour and bring the most arrogants on their knees. 

You ask, then why I can’t feel this current. I say cos we forget. 


We got disconnected from this true divine powers of your body as you were conditioned to believe other wise.


We were shamed for our breasts, nipples, pussy and even the skin . We started to see it as something dirty and ugly.

The beauty standards brought comparison and illusion which made us move away from what is real, raw and authentic.


This course is a deep 
remembrance of your
true wild erotic and tender self.


 Remember the one you had when you did not know the word dirty and shameful . When you felt something sensual by seeing the other naked body. When you accidentally discovered orgasm and found immense pleasure in it. When you maiden self was all about enjoying her body and moving in utmost pleasure. And then the shadows of shame hit!

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And WE peel off the layers of those shame from our reality and LET THE GODDESS EMERGE.

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Do you feel a big yes to :

  • Feeling the current of your pussy that keeps your turn on in body and life!

  • Opening the container of your life to receive money .. cock..fulfilling relationships,..carrier opportunities!!

  • Claim your innate power back and feel the sexy confidence again!!

  • To be able to live the entire spectrum of your emotions and yet not get overwhelmed by it!!

  • Say a big YES to life and let it penetrate through you!!

  • To be able to release the deep rooted shame around sexual essence and push the edges of pleasure !!

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If you feel the turn on already , keep reading……

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Through the medicine of movement and Archetypes , embodiment practices we will say yes to different parts of our lives

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Does this sound like you:


: Wana walk in confidence owning your desire and sex.

: Feel the sovereign being that you are and not outsourcing your power.

: Speak your truth with utmost clarity.

: Setting boundaries with tenderness and yet with fierce belief.

: Be able to let go of those not serving you , people, job, relationship, situation-ships.

: Owning your goddess and your human in full reverence.

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Success Story

"Amana brought me out of my victimhood showed me how I am the creator of my life.


From a homemaker to an entrepreneur, this journey has been magical. Through this work i realised my people pleasing attitute. Amana through her cut throat attitute made me see how I was giving my power to others.She guided me to see myself with utmost honetly. I accept and embrace my feelings as it is. 
I could have never been possible without her. I thank her for gazing through my soul and bringing out the best in me.

If given an opportunity I can write a book on it but this space have word limit. 
Amana I love you heaps and may you continue to transform zillion lives like you have transformed mine."

Black Marble

How do we play bayeeeby???

These will be

online web calls

over zoom app 

Starting from

10th  2023


Wednesdays and Sundays

for 8 weeks

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If you feel drawn to it but have few questions, we can have a 20 minutes call

You can book a 20 minutes discovery call to understand if we both are a match to work together . 

Or you can pay directly at UPI - Beautifulamanasingh@okicici to book your seat. 

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Success Story


Amana is a vast source of knowledge. Major shifts happened in my life by just being in the container .


You learn to celebrate sexuality, love, and sisterhood. She is a great Coach who supports you through thick and thin. You start to see yourself as a whole individual. You come to know about the patterns leading to blockages and get to know about the tools so that you can keep the kid inside you happy and alive. She gives you the warmth of a mother, listens to you as a best friend, and guides you as a mentor. She is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

Date : 10th December  23
When : Sundays and Wednesday 
Masterclass on Sundays
Sharing group calls on Wednesday

Where : Zoom /recordings available.
Price : 18,000 INR.

Payment plan available

There a no refund policy! Ask as many  questions before joining 


  • Full Payment

    Full Payment upfront
    Valid for 8 weeks
  • 2 Installments

    Every month
    2 Instalments each of 10,000
    Valid for 2 months
  • 3 Installment

    Every month
    3 Instalments each of 7,000
    Valid for 3 months

This Course is for you if 

  • You are ready to meet all part of you, good bad and the ugly.

  • You are all yes to push those edges and take responsibility of your life.


  • You are willing to transform your life.

This is not for you if you

  • Want someone else to do the inner work for you.

  • Dont wana look into your shadows.

  • Want to swim in the spiral of victimhood and blame.

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