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Invoking the Goddess within.


The purpose of this human experience is to attain enlightenment, nirvana and become one with the universe, the divine. Our body is a channel that can help us do that. We are all born with this magical ability to alchemize any pain, trauma or hurt into love and light. 


The feminine has 3 positive, most active chakras: the sacral centre, heart and 3rd eye which is associated with sensuality, love and intuition. The throat, solar plexus and root chakras are masculine in nature and are about spirit, transcendence, discipline and protection. 


These days women end up acting from their solar plexus, also on its shadow side, linked with ego and control instead of their heart chakra which is about love, receptivity and openness. When we women are conditioned to suck our bellies in, we push our sacral down into their root chakra.  We either over use it or underuse the root. When the sacral centre is out of balance, we feel unsatiated, insecure and a feeling of emotional unsafely prevails. We start functioning more from a space of insecure manipulative sexuality. We end up overusing it and losing our life force energy. The same is true for those of us who are underusing our sexuality because of the shame attached to it. . 



This is manifested as the good girl and bad girl syndrome.


 The good girl gives more than what she can, she is a people pleaser and has very loose boundaries. She is not in touch with her sexual desires and those suppresses her authenticity. 


The bad girl believes in taking and extracting, has strong walls in the name of boundaries and perhaps tries to fill the void with meaningless sex. 


In both these cases we women are losing touch with our authenticity and true higher selves. We end up having a dysregulated nervous system that is showing up as anxiety, depression, PCOS/PCOD, acne, chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, etc.


The 3 feminine chakras are underused because as a culture we have subscribed to the practices and tools that we created by the masculine for themselves; we have lost touch with our feminine gifts which are softness, receiving, slowness, alchemy and sensuality among others. 


In this workshop we are working with these 3 feminine chakras by dropping into our bodies. 


We will be using tools like 

  • Breathwork 

  • Intuitive body movement

  • Conscious self-touch

  • Healing father and mother wound 

  • Inner child healing


These will be

online web calls

over zoom app 

Starting from

15 January 2023


Wednesdays and Sundays

for 8 weeks

At the end of the 8 weeks 


- You get in touch with your sacred sexuality and innocent eroticism.

-Your pussy will become wetter,

your arousal will be in your hands.

- You will be more tender and playful.

- You will tap into your body’s wisdom. 

- Your magical powers will become stronger and you will be able to effectively manifest. 

        In the 8 weeks 


-  We will meet once a week for 1 - 2 hours. Recordings are available if you miss the session. 

- Weekly personal pods for sharing. 

- Access to the Telegram group of your batch for continued support. 

- Lifetime access to video and audio content for home practice. 

-And unlimited love from the cosmic mother. 

This Course is for you if

-You feel stuck in your life.

-Feel tired and have no or low libido.

-Stuck in a toxic relationship and wanting to move out.

-Want to work on your feminine Energy.

-Not able to say no.

-Have people pleasing behaviour.

-Feels anxious or/and depressed.

-Have irregular periods or severe cramps.

-Want to explore your sensual side.

-Want to loosen up your guard to feel more open and free in relationships with others.

-Want to let go of your ex partner fully and move on. 

This course is not for you if

-Want to keep blaming your family for not treating you well.

-Not ready to step up.

-Not ready to take responsibility.

-Not dedicated to self growth.

-Can not invest in the financial commitment.

Date : 15th Jan 23
When : Sundays and Saturday  
Masterclass on Sundays
Pod group calls on Wednesday
Where : Zoom /recordings available.
Price : 12,000 INR.
(till 31st Dec post that its 14k).

Payment plan available
Can be paid in 2 instalment of 7000 each


If you feel drawn to it but have few questions, we can have a 20 minutes call

You can book a 20 minutes discovery call to understand if we both are a match to work together . 

Or you can pay directly at UPI - Beautifulamanasingh@okicici to book your seat. 


Hear it from others

Refund Policy

There Is no refund policy for my workshops. If you have once made the payment, you will not get a refund . The reason is that the mind starts to play resistance games once you register. This is because the ego never wants to surrender and there’s no other way out but to surrender and rise in this work thus the mind creates distractions like fear, travel plans , unexpected love affairs , work projects etc during the workshop. Remember you are a creator of your life. If you can create distractions, you can also create growth and change. It's all magical and mystic world my friend. 

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