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Returning to Her

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When: 18th feb, 3 PM
Energy Exchange: 555/-INR
Zoom Call

The Yoni, a sacred symbol of feminine energy and creativity, embodies the essence of life, renewal, and strength. Within its depths lie the mysteries of creation and the boundless potential of existence. It serves as a reminder of the inherent power and beauty of womanhood, transcending cultures and time to evoke awe and reverence. Like a wellspring of life, the Yoni flows with the rhythm of the universe, nurturing and inspiring those who embrace its divine essence.

  • Are we disconnected with our Yonis ?

    In today’s 9-5 era, women often find themselves disconnected their Yoni's wisdom and power. Amidst the demands of society, the pressures of daily life, and the weight of expectations, the intimate connection to one's Yoni can become lost in the hustle and bustle of the external world.

    Yet, within the depths of every woman's being, the Yoni patiently waits, a beacon of light calling her home to her own sacred center.

    Reconnecting with the Yoni is a journey of rediscovery, a pilgrimage inward to reclaim the essence of one's femininity, strength, and intuition. It is a return to the source, where healing and empowerment await, where the whispers of the soul are heard, and where the rhythms of life are felt in harmony with the universe.


Benefits of connecting with Yoni.


Connecting with the Yoni helps to develop deep understanding and acceptance of one's body, desires, and boundaries

Emotional Healing:

By honoring the Yoni's sacredness, women can embark on a journey of emotional healing, releasing past traumas, and embracing self-love and acceptance.

Sexual Empowerment:

Engaging with the Yoni can cultivate a sense of sexual empowerment, enhancing pleasure, intimacy, and connection in relationships, and fostering a healthier relationship with one's sexuality.

Spiritual Connection:

Connecting with the Yoni can deepen one's spiritual connection, tapping into the divine feminine energy and experiencing a sense of alignment with the universe.

Creativity and Manifestation:

The Yoni is a source of creative energy and manifestation. By nurturing this connection, women can unlock their creative potential and manifest their dreams and desires with clarity and purpose.

Sisterhood and Community:

Embracing the Yoni fosters a sense of sisterhood and community among women, creating spaces for shared experiences, support, and celebration of feminine wisdom and power.

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How you can reconnect with your Yoni ?

Come journey with us as we walk on a soulful exploration towards the reconciliation with your Yoni through a transformative shamanic guided meditation.

In this sacred space, we will explore the depths of your being, embracing the essence of your femininity and the sanctity of your Yoni.

Through shamanic rituals and guided visualization, you will have the opportunity to embrace your Yoni with love, compassion, and acceptance. Together, we will honor her as a source of wisdom, creativity, and transformation, reclaiming her sacred essence as a reflection of your own divine sovereignty.

Join us on this profound journey of self-discovery and renewal as we reconnect with the sacred wisdom of our Yoni, reclaiming our birthright as embodiments of divine feminine energy. Together, let us walk the path towards reconciliation, healing, and empowerment, guided by the light of our innermost truth.

This will be a 2 hour call. After registration, make sure you check your email with the link. This email would be different than the receipt. Please email us back at if you dint receive any email.


Its mandatory to keep the video on for first 20 minutes of the call. 

Make sure you have a safe place to attend the call. 

When: 18th Feb, 3 PM
Energy Exchange:  555/-INR

There are no refund and no transfer for this call.
No recording available. Please make it live. 
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