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Move in Pleasure

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When: 6th August, 3 PM
Energy Exchange: 333/-INR
Zoom Call

Pleasure is the place where light enters you. Its time we modify the famous quotes . While on our jorneys to inner growth, we pay attention to inner contradictions, wounds and pains, theres one thing that has the ability to dissolve any harshness and thats pleasure. It has the ability to soften any rocky place and bring more ease. 

In this call i will guide you to move your body in pleasure. We will experience how pleasure and ease can be present in almost any movement breathing to dancing ecstatically. We don't need to to even touch our genitals or visualise erotic fantasy to be able to experience pleasure. Pleasure is our innate nature and i will connect you back to it.

When we embody our sensuality and bring more awareness and higher consciousness to it, it has the potentiality to bring major transformation in our lives.

A women in her deep pleasure and touch with her erotism can cast a spell on anything. This includes money, opportunities, higher order and destiny.

"learning to be connected to your own body, sensations and emotions is a cornerstone of healing. Coming back into yourself by contacting your sensations and emotions will allow you to move through pain… Too often we assume that the right relationship will take care of our struggles around sex or (dis)trust. And to some extent a relationship can help us work through those struggles. But the only person we have a lifelong sexual relationship with is ourselves. We bring this relationship with ourselves to all of our other sexual relationships. It becomes the template for sex and intimacy with everybody else. Getting to know yourself sexually and having a positive relationship with your pleasure are fundamental to whatever kind of sex and intimacy you want with others."

Dr Donald Mosher

Pleasure is a positive and inherent part of who we are as humans. We are biologically designed to experience pleasure in a multitude of ways, via our five senses. Furthermore, our eros can be viewed as not just our libido, but our life force, creativity and the very essence of who we are. However, people’s upbringings or distressing or traumatic life events can take their toll on their relationship to pleasure.

3D Pink Flower

Bringing more pleasure in your life can :

  • Calms your racing though and gives you refreshed perspective on your pain.

  • Help in rebuilding the inner and outer trust if you are moving through a heart break or loss.

  • Help you in letting go of the shame and guilt.

  • Amplify your magnetism and conscious manifestation game.

  • Helps you in healing deep traumas.

  • Increases your self worth.

  • Open your receiving multifold.

  • Clears the mind fog.

  • Brings body confidence and balances libido.

3D Pink Flower
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This will be a 2 hour call. After registration, make sure you check your email with the link. This email would be different than the receipt. Please email us back at if you dint receive any email.

Its mandatory to keep the video on for first 20 minutes of the call. 

Make sure you have a safe place to attend the call. 

When: 6th August, 3 PM
Energy Exchange:  333/-INR

There are no refund and no transfer for this call.
No recording available. Please make it live. 

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See you there lovely!

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