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Meet Your Inner Shiva

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As humans we are primarily made of Yin and Yang,

Masculine and Feminine, Shiv and Shakti


As women we have been many times told that you are more masculine than feminine, in my experience, Women's bodies carry the shadows aspects of masculine rather than the healthy masculine . 

The energy of controlling, hustling, doing , thinking, extracting, taking, competing, using only logics etc are shadows of Masculine Energy. Formlessness, consciousness, discipline, structure, rational thinking, providing , protection, space holding, knowledge are some of the healthy masculine aspects. 

When you meet your healthy masculine, your Shiva, he shows you the places where you need more structure and discipline. He helps you integrate your emotions and hold space for your feminine and her flow.

Your masculine holds you in a safe space where your feminine can relax and flow. She can follow her intuition if she is backed up by a structure. A river needs a solid river-bed to flow and be. 

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The outer men in your reality is a reflection of your inner shiva. If you are not happy with the kind of men you are meeting in your life , the source is your inner man. The interesting part is that if you start to work with your inner man, the energy of the men currently present in your life also starts to change 

I will be sharing a 10 minutes follow up guided meditation to connect back to your inner masculine.  

This will be a 2 hour call. After registration, make sure you check your email with the link. This email would be different than the receipt. Please email us back at if you dint receive any email.

Make sure you have a safe place to attend the call. 

When: 4th Feb, 3pm
Energy Exchange:  333/-INR

There are no refund and no transfer for this call.
No recording available. Please make it live. 

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Meet Your Inner Shiva

See you lovely! Dress comfy!

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