Move Past Traumas
5 hours online workshop


After many requests from non Delhi residents to host my famous  in-person workshop online, I am answering to the call and hosting the workshop online. Although it cant be same as being physically present around but its very effective like my other online workshops. If you have attended any of my online workshops , you know the magic that is being created. However If you are in Delhi, I would recommend you to attend the live workshop rather this one. 


About the workshop


The life that you are currently living has much more capability to be open to receiving more love, abundance and joy. 

The blockages in our minds and bodies stops the flow of smooth workings. The disconnection from our emotions not only stops us from feeling negative emotions but also the good and the happy ones. 

Even if sometimes we  tries to connect back to the pleasure and joy of our bodies, we are met with resistance and challenging emotions . We become confuse as to what needs to be done with them.  How to make space for these emotions and most importantly how to just be with them. 


 I am teaching various ways to make more space for these difficult emotions in our bodies. This helps in accepting yourself as you are. Radical acceptance is a game changer my friend.  It’s the medicine that most of the human kind requires at this time. We waste most of our time in judging, shaming, fixing our selves and get stuck in this loop of finding faults and fixing them. 

Most of these voice that we hear in our heads are not even ours. But we are able to discern only with a calm mind.

We would be using following practices to move our challenging emotions.


Creating Safety

Conscious Self Touch

Shamanic Breath-work

Intuitive movement.

Somatic Release

The workshop will be divided in 2 parts with 1 hours break after first 2 hours .

For this workshop you would need a laptop or phone with good internet connection, a private space to your self, a bluetooth (preferably) and an open mind. 


When: 2nd October, 12pm
Energy Exchange:  1111/-INR

There are no refund for this call.
No recording available. Please make it live. 
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Move past the Trauma

See you lovely! Dress comfy!