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Arjun-The Workshop 

I won’t start this write up by saying "mard ko  dard nhi hota"  because we all have established and acknowledge that by now. What no one is talking about is “is dard  ka Karna kya hai” or "yeh kab Tak Rahega"?

Date: 9th July, 11am-5pm
Venue: Zorba the Budhha, MG Road.
Energy Exchange : 5000/-
Invitation by Application only

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In my teachings to women I have realised a thing that emotions need acknowledgment and expression else they will for ever be trapped ; but there are very few spaces around us or in our personal relationships where those emotions could be expressed without offending the other. 


Just like women, Men have lost their voices too. On the name of toxic-masculinity, even the very basic expression of masculine energy is not encouraged but rather shamed. This leads to suppression of authenticity and gives rise to either of the extreme - 'power over' or 'power under'.

True power is neither over or under, it just is. A lion when walking in the garden doesn’t need to show its power over, it exhibit its power through its being. And that comes from it being in its authentic self. 


Through this workshop, my intention for men is to help themselves release the pressure & stress they have been carrying by being in a role - a role of son, husband, father, mentor or just being a routine man. 

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In a world that often limits the expression of male vulnerability, finding personal power and voice is crucial for men's empowerment. My workshop empowers participants to explore their true authentic selves and cultivate a sense of personal power. This happens through self-reflection, assertiveness training and guided exercises, men will learn to reclaim their voices and assert their needs & boundaries. By embracing vulnerability and developing effective communication skills, men can establish healthier relationships, express their emotions, and confidently navigate life's complexities.

In the name of intimacy, men gain knowledge from pornography and random content here-and-there. In my workshop we will touch upon what is true intimacy and how love making can be a form of spiritual practice.

This workshop is for you if:

  •  You are feeling exhausted in your routine life without no reason. 

  •  You are struggling to find your voice and speak your truth.

  • Finding yourself way too controlling and possessive in your relationships. 

  •  You get overwhelmed with difficult emotions and have problems dealing with those in a healthy manner.

  • You feel numb and disassociated with your  body.

  • You want to have healthier control over mind and body.

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What can you expect from this workshop


  •  Being able to take charge and handle your emotions better. 

  •  Get equipped with tools and techniques to move past the overwhelm of life. 

  •  Get in touch with who you really are and finding your truth. 

  •  Finding a better connection between mind and heart.

  •  Getting closer to the answer of “What is my purpose in life?”

  •  Getting a better grip on self around addictions. 


This workshop will provide a transformative space for men to explore and cultivate emotional stability, truth, purpose, personal power & voice, and intimacy. By delving into these key areas, men can experience profound personal growth, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and create more authentic and fulfilling relationships. This workshops offer a supportive community and  practical tools to empower men on their journey towards emotional well-being, self-discovery, and a more meaningful life.

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