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1:1 Coaching with

If you are looking for intensive support and deep inner work for a long time. This course is for you.  This is individual 1: 1 coaching for 2 and 3 months 

Light and Shadow

A long-term coach program is a bit extensive and more indulging along with learning a toolkit for your entire lifetime. 


A long-term coaching ranges 2-3 months period.


In this program, we meet once a week and work intensively on your core concerning issues. You will get constant support over phone-calls & texts in this duration.


I will help and teach essential tools & techniques to modulate yourself. My intention is for you to become self-sufficient and self-regulatory.


We do everything that we do in your personal sessions with some extra focus, regular check-ins & continuous support.


I shall also share some material to nurture self-soothing and self-practice. These are basically pre-recorded meditations which are extremely helpful in your journey.


The first few sessions will be around awareness as to which areas in your life need a priority and maximum attention. We will work extensively on them.


Essential tools we use:-


Compassionate Inquiry.

Inner Child Healing.

Somatic Release.


Healthy Breath-work.

Self Touch.





Payment plan for long-term program as follows:-


  • 3 months coaching: Rs. 30,000/- only


  • 2 months coaching: Rs. 25,000/- only


Coaching fee can be paid in 2  instalments in a time period of the 3 weeks from the  commencement of session.

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