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Shamanic Meditations

What make these audio so special?

These meditations are mostly taken from my recorded live sessions. These audios  are channelled shamanic journeys that came through without any plan or pre script. They are imbedded with deep transmission.

Transmission is like an energetic injection. It doesn't matter what  words are being spoken, the energy is being transmitted through the sound and presence of the audio. Chose intuitively your audio and listen to them in your own sweet time.

How to chose which audio to work with?

Let the audio chose you. Feel with Audio are you drawn to? I recommend that you don't let your rational brain make a choice rather observe where is your body being pulled. Eg if you came for Womb healing but you are drawn towards "mother wound" , so you chose mother wound. 

There is always a higher intelligence working inside which is aware of what is best for us. Allow this mechanism to make a choice for you , even if it may sound illogocal to your brain  

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