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For Women above 45

SAAHAS-The workshop.

After working with my mother around her healing and with other mothers of my clients, I have gained the confidence to work with women above 45. 


If you are reading this ,I am assuming that you one of my generation  and have come here to send your mother to the workshop. 

Just like you, I was also sceptical of healing modalities for my mother. But to my surprise she was more open than I thought. It was easy for me to take her to trance state to help her identify the painful memories that have created her lack point of views and creating her current reality .

She slipped into one of the memories of her youth and just with few tears and processing , she fully let that go and I was able to create a better point of view with her. 




That’s how she started to trust my work and I taught her the importance of personal practices. I taught her a few breath-work and she practiced them regularly. I did intuitive dance with her and that helped her to move her emotions somatically. I mean whatttttttt!!!!!!! This is my dream come true!!!!!


I did the same in my one on ones with the women of similar age group and the results were very effective. 


That’s when I was told by my guides to design a workshop for women above 45. I was very resistant to answer the calling but when my clients started to ask if I can offer any work for their mothers, is when I finally thought of executing the worksop. 


On this Mothers Day,  I am hosting a retreat for your Mothers, for women above 45.










A photo from my first trip with women only of my family. Pic 
L-R) My cousin Tanya, Mother , Maasi.


I will be guiding these senior women a few practices to release stuck emotions in the body.

There will be practices such as deep meditation to cleanse one's  energetic-field to get rid of the garbage they carry, waste accumulated energies hooked over the time to their aura and cleansing of their chakra systems. 

There will be activation of healing codes.

Teaching them some personal practices which they can include in their rituals as they grow more together in a collective space.

 And don't worry about the transmission language. We're all comfortable in Hindi.


 This Mother's day , gift your mother a day for her inner nourishment.

Since this is 45+ women workshop, you can choose to accompany your mother until you handover her to me.

You may also educate her that this moment is for her beauty on this special occasion.

I am supported by 2 women supporting members from my team. They both are of 45+ age group. I believe it might assist our mothers establish a connect during the course.

Lastly, I'd like to share that the  middle-aged women are much more powerful & courageous than we percieve them to be. The fact they have carried us in their womb itself is a very powerful emotion.

Image by Cat Han

Date: 14th May
Timing: 11-6pm
Venue: Zorba
The Budhha , MG  Road.

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