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Believe it or not we all had toxic parents. No matter how much love they operated from still we all have been left traumatised in our childhood. And What we did to cope with the trauma? We created defence mechanisms . Also known as coping mechanism. These could be people pleasing, overtly independence, engaging in casual sex, escapism through travel, pseudo spirituality, relationship, helping others by avoiding self . 

These are some examples of defences we use to protect ourselves from the pain of the traumas. 
















Now that you are growing up, these defences starts to get extreme and comes in your way to grow  mentally, physically and spiritually . You know that guy is not good for you but you are not able to leave. You know working too hard is a way to get busy to avoid pain but you don’t know what else to do. You know you gotta save the money but you shop impulsively. 


This is where the work of this  workshop comes in. The workshop help you see those traumas that had happened in the childhood and guides you with tools and techniques to heal the traumas. When the trauma is healed, slowly the mind let go of the defences that it has gathered on the way for protection. 


Working directly with the defences through some mind talk won’t help. Cos the trauma is on somatic level. Thats why most of my tools are through body movement and exercises. We do the talking but also move the stuck energy . 

I have learnt these tools from different international  mentors whos work are around trauma informed therapies. 



I specialise in

• RELEASING TRAUMA & SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS from body through breath work

• Sensual embodiment

• Embodied trauma release

• Embodied Dance

• Inner child healing

• Past life regression 

• Hypnotherapy

• Archetype Work



How we do it. 


I mostly let the energy of the group guide me to pick the topic we will be working around. Every workshop is different than the last one. Till now I have held 3 workshops and every time I was shown some different way to work with the participants. 



My work is very deep rooted level and I don’t like to beat the bush. I only allow  participants who are dedicated to growth and inner work. If you are not ready, the container won’t let you enter it. 

Once you are in the container after registration, the container will start doing its work. its like entering a temple. You are held in the energetic filed of the temple and are provided whatever you require for your healing. Most of the time I am participant in the temple too. I have always got many personal breakthrough by holding these containers. Thus I am humbled by the goddess and her magical work. Jai maa kali! 


These will be

online web calls

over zoom app 

Starting from

11 August 2022 on

Wednesdays and Sundays

for 5 weeks

There Is no refund policy for my workshops. If you have once made the payment, you will not get a refund . The reason is that the mind starts to play resistance games once you register. Cos the ego never wants to surrender and there’s no other way out but to surrender and rise in this work thus the mind creates distractions like fear, travel plans , unexpected love affairs , work projects etc during the workshop. Remember you are a creator of your life. If you can create distractions, you can also create growth and change. Its all magical and mystic world my friend. 


Date : 11th August 22
When : Sundays and Wednesday 
Where : Zoom /recordings available.
Price : 20,000 INR.

Payment plan available .


You can book a 20 minutes discovery call to understand if we both are a match to work together . 

Or you can pay directly at UPI - Beautifulamanasingh@okicici to book your seat. 

Text me on Instagram /telegram if you have more questions. If you are on this page its mostly through Insta. 

Join my only women telegram group by clicking below


If you feel drawn to it but have few questions, we can have a 20 minutes call

What other had to say

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Sarabpal Kaaur

When l first connected with you, it was so magical because you were the first person who actually caught me and guided me to come to my power. The workshop has actually helped me to see the true reality of me and what’s happening around me. The best part about you is that you didn’t spoon feeded us u actually taught us tips and tricks or the true emotions to be healed. My life has actually changed and all thanks to you. I am so grateful that l chose to be a part of it and u have helped me always. Thankyou for being there. Also l love you ❤️ U r the warmest person l have ever met. I couldn’t take my eyes off from you your energy is magnetic my love and the hug is like sukoon❤️🤗🫂

Sarabpal Kaaur 

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