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Blurry Shadows

Residential Workshop in 
Auroville, Pondicherry.

These two days won’t be your regular healing retreat where you will feel all happy in and after 2 day would be back to the “reality”. These two days we would do the real deep shit cleaning. we do real inner work here baby!


And you would go home learning the tools that can be practiced for a lifetime. 


My goal is to help you see beyond your bullshit and the lies you have been telling yourself around why you are stuck.  I want to guide you to be your own “guru”.


The probable reason why you might not be  able to go deeper in your journey is that you are using the mind to resolve the traumas which is a good approach but should not be the only approach. The traumas sit deep in your subconscious and in your body. In this workshop we will work on a somatic level to bring out the suppressed emotions and give them space to integrate. 



The life that you are currently living has much more capability to be open to receiving more love, abundance and joy. 

The blockages in our minds and bodies stops the flow of smooth workings. The disconnection from our emotions not only stops us from feeling negative emotions but also the good and the happy ones. 

Even if sometimes we  tries to connect back to the pleasure and joy of our bodies, we are met with resistance and challenging emotions . We become confuse as to what needs to be done with them.  How to make space for these emotions and most importantly how to just be with them. 


I am teaching various ways to make more space for these difficult emotions in our bodies. This helps in accepting yourself as you are. Radical acceptance is a game changer my friend.  It’s the medicine that most of the human kind requires at this time. We waste most of our time in judging, shaming, fixing our selves and get stuck in this loop of finding faults and fixing them. 

Most of these voice that we hear in our heads are not even ours. But we are able to discern only with a calm mind.


Calm mind can be attain with being present. The simplest way to do that is bringing your awareness to your body.  You can not be present and be in the mind thinking thoughts about future and past. When you are present, you simply are.


Another thing that I am teaching in this workshop is safety and nervous system regulation. It’s very important for us to feel safe in our being. When we are feeling safe its easier for mind to let go. A relaxed nervous system opens the mind and we welcome different and new point of views. This helps you open your  perspectives and let you chose better and more valuable point of views. 

I am teaching various ways to calm regulate your nervous system through various embodiment practices. 








We will use following tools to work though

Breath work

The rational mind sometimes stops us from tapping into the deep hidden emotions. Breath work  bypasses the ego/conscious mind and taps into subconscious and brings the real issue out. 

Breath is a wonderful tool to help you release the hurt of forgotten trauma which might be running your life. 


Conscious Movement

Body has its own wisdom that is forgotten in the world of mannerism and sophistication. Have you observed a child “sobbing” which he cries. Sobbing enables a particular movement in the body around the chest area that moves the emotions like fear , grief etc from the body. And after a while the child is okay and may be smiling.  Many times we were stopped to sob and the emotions got stuck in the body. Conscious movement therapy allows the body’s intuitive wisdom to take over and move the stuck emotion. 


Conscious Body Touch

We crave the touch of our parents, lovers, friends , siblings when we are in pain. The touch somehow calms us. We can activate the similar feeling through self touch and self affection.  


Self Pleasure 

Pleasure is a great tool to bring back the safety in the body and help you relax the nervous system. One of my major works  around sexuality is to help women pleasure themselves . This helps in letting go of porn addiction. This also aids in Self soothing, initiating the inner healing, understanding oneself more, self acceptance, etc.


Using the help of self sound to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.. The parasympathetic nervous system predominates in quite “rest and digest” conditions. This helps you bring safety to the body. I use  this major tool of sound to help women give voice to their pain and joys. This opens the throat centre and  helps you further in opening the heart. 


Other tools that we use are dance, shamanic meditation, hypnotherapy and a lot of laughter. 

Date : 16-17 July ,2022.
Where: Auroville, Pondicherry.

Energy Exchange : 12,000



16th July:

11 AM - Initiation in terms of sharing and interacting to get ease and create safety and setting intentions and preparing the container. 

1 PM: Guided meditation to drop in the body.

2 PM : We will break for lunch. This would be local home cooked food. 

3 PM : Practices to learn how to process difficult emotions, way to self sooth and calm nervous system.  

5 PM: Question and answers.

6 PM:  We head to the Serenity beach (yeahiii!!!) 

Followed by dinner around 8 PM at TANTO.

17th July

8-10: Breakfast

10:30 AM :  Practices to drop in the body.

11 AM:: Somatic practices to release trapped emotions from the body.

12:30 PM: We will break for the lunch and will head to solar kitchen (community kitchen of Auroville where the residents gather to have lunch) 

1:30 PM Self touch practice to bring softness and nourishment

3 PM: sensual movements

4 PM: Sharing and Q&A

6 PM: We can head out again or just chill in the room followed by dinner.


18th July:

8-10 Breakfast  followed by departure :( 

There are options to stay back longer at some extra cost. Please let us know in advance to make arrangements for you. 

Sharnga Guest house

About the stay

Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 5.26.24 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 5.26.23 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 5.26.20 PM.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 5.26.25 PM.jpg

Sharnga is a “forest” guest house under a lush canopy of big trees. As you walk around, you are in the midst of a lush, green, natural garden. The birds, butterflies, fish, horses, dogs, bugs, and micro-creatures also share this home, this living environment with us humans. As most animals and insects are shy, and seasonal; one does not always see or meet them, but if you are quiet and/or lucky, you might be privileged enough to meet one or more of our co-inhabitants. Some have joined us by being chosen, and brought home (pets) but many simply found their way here through the abundance of nature, and decided to stay, much like the people residing here today.

Energy Exchange 

First 7 participants: INR12,000

Last 3 : INR15,000

The cost includes stay and food for 2 days and 2 nights. 

There are no direct transport services to Auroville from any city, its best to come via Pondicherry , Chennai or Bangalore The nearest airport is Chennai Airport which is 140 km away from Auroville. The Puducherry Railway Station is 14 km away. You can take a cab or auto from the railway station to reach Auroville. 

The entry is by application only. Please fill in the form for us to understand you more 

Application for Residential retreat in Auroville

Please fill out the following form to help us understand if you are fit to enrol for the workshop

Thanks for submitting you brave heart!

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